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HDT Transportation LLC
133 Old River Bridge Rd
Milledgeville Ga 31061
Tel: 478-456-2210
2806 N. Columbia St, Ste-163
Milledgeville Ga 31061

Ambulatory, Wheelchair

Stretcher & Event Shuttle

Airport Shuttle

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HDT Transportation provides non-emergency medical transportation in Milledgeville and surrounding counties. We are able to provide transportation to your non emergency medical appointments in a comfortable caring setting with well maintained vehicles. HDT Transportation understand the importance of medical appointments in managing a person's health and wellness. All vehicles are inspected daily. All the drivers have background check, drug test, defensive driving, Pass training, CPR and First aid certification, and a wheelchair safety course.

When you are riding with HDT Transportation, we understand the importance of being prompt for treatments such as physical therapy or dialysis.  Without these regular treatments a person could be in a life threatening situation. If you are immobilized and unable to travel to your appointment on your own, we can accommodate all your needs. We also service hospital discharges and will transport you from city to city.  

 It is our goal to make sure our customers feel comfortable being transported to their medical appointments.  We cater to the needs of all of our clients to ensure quality customer service while they are transported in one of our vehicles.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don't hesitate to alert our professional drivers. 

Psalm 78:23

God commanded the clouds from above and Opened the Doors of Heaven (AMP)

Non-emergency medical transportation is provided for all types of medical appointments, Monday through Friday, 7am – 5pm. We provide transport for health related on-going medical procedures such as dialysis treatments, va appt and physical therapy. We can also schedule your appt for you by working with staff from the medical facility to meet all your healthcare needs.

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